Sabbath Eve

My Saturday was blessed by a reminder that preparing for Sunday is one of the sweetest tasks of the day!

The Healing Power of Religion

Does religion heal? I have experienced that it does. A belief in and dedication to true religious principles lifts us, gives us courage and hope, and leads to healing more completely than anything else.

Hope for The Broken

Most of us could consider ourselves broken to some extent - but there is hope and healing awaiting us through Jesus Christ's love and power.

What's Important to Remember

Teaching little children makes it pretty clear what the most important things in life are.

The Sword of the Spirit

Understanding what the Sword of the Spirit is can help us wield it more faithfully in our daily battles.

The Holy Temple

Attending the Temple brings a whole new dimension to life, lifts burdens and helps me to find clarity and peace.

Seeking Light - With My Sisters

Sunday meetings with the Relief Society help us to draw close to our Savior, to receive His light in our lives, and to desire to bring that light into the lives of those around us.

Last Dawn 2014

Looking forward to the New Year with hope is easier if we remember the blessings that have come to us in the past year.

For Hate Is Strong

There is so much hate and strife in the world that it is easy to become discouraged. However, if we remember the Prince of Peace who came to bring us love and unity - and peace, we can feel all those things in the midst of all that is negative around us.

A Step Up

Sometimes it just takes a small step up - a determination to look at life from a higher perspective - to make the big differences that bring hope, healing and happiness into our lives.

Sometimes It Just Takes A Little...

There are times when doing the vital small things in life can make a huge difference in how we feel and what we accomplish.

Missing Mom

Mothers leave a legacy in the hearts of their children that can bless their lives forever. Remembering them - and missing them- can be a tender impetus to continue that legacy.

Children and Grief - Help them Remain Children

Children who lose a parent or loved one often tend to 'mature' overnight - to become serious, and wary of what life might serve up next. We can help them by helping them to continue to find joy in the things that children love, and not requiring them to 'grow up' too soon.

My Own Declaration of Independence

People can often be ruled by situations and ideas that are oppressive. We can each look into our lives and root out those things that create unhappiness, and choose to live in a way that brings joy and freedom from oppression.

Healing Happens

We do heal after tragedy, but sometimes it's difficult to see that happening. Only when we stop occasionally and look back do we realize how far we've come.
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