Goal Setting - Find a Partner!

To ensure your success when pursuing a goal, it's helpful to find an 'accountability partner', someone who you can report to and who helps you remember why you set that goal and who will encourage you when you feel like quitting.

Take Action Toward Your Goal!

Being clear about your goals and preparing to succeed are both vital, but until you actually take action, nothing will change! Begin today to take action toward something you want to achieve!

Prepare to Succeed

When setting goals, prepare for the success you hope to achieve. Do whatever it takes to create a space for success.

Want to Reach Your Goal? Act "As If"

Acting as if you've already achieved your goal can help your mind and body get "on board" and propel you forward.

Can You See It?

Visualizing our goals helps enroll our subconscious mind so it will help us achieve our objectives much more quickly.

Goals - Specific AND Measurable

Setting goals is an art - and the better you are at it, the more likely you are to reach those goals. Make sure they are specific and measurable.

What Do You Want?

Being very clear about the good things you want to have happen, and focusing on them instead of on your problems, can bring happiness to each day.

Are You Asking Enough Questions?

Asking questions can lead us to happiness we never thought possible.

A New Year

This morning I saw a post from Michelle McCullough with the following quote: 3 words for 2013 - "Let it Go" ... 3 words for 2014 - "Make it Happen"

New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve gives us the opportunity to reflect on the good of the past year, and to look forward to the next.

Good People

There are good people all around us, helping us to see how we can find happiness and healing by reaching out to help others.


Life hands us surprises, some happy and some sad. Taking a moment to focus on the happy ones can make the difference between happiness and despair.

Do You Have Holiday Plans?

When grieving or dealing with depression, It is wise to have a plan of what you'd like to happen during the holidays. Roslyn shares tips for making that happen!

More on Cleansing Breaths

While grieving or working through depression, conscious breathing can be a big help in focusing and staying attentive. Healing can be aided by learning to use cleansing breaths whenever needed.

Three Deep Breaths

While grieving or working through depression, using 'cleansing breaths' helps a person to, at least temporarily, let go of tension, sadness, and emotional pain, and experience a moment of peace.
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