Depression can stop our progress when we are healing from loss. It is wise to learn what brings on depression so we can avoid it and prevent it from affecting our progress.

We Cry Because We Love

When someone we love is no longer next to us, crying is a perfectly normal - and helpful - reaction. Accepting that fact, and allowing the tears helps us to heal and to find peace once more.

Your Sweet Spot

Finding your "sweet spot", or the unique talents and gifts you have can help you find satisfaction and fulfillment, even while grieving the loss of a loved one.

No Comparison

While grieving, we cannot compare our grief with anyone else's. We have to patiently accept the process - and allow others to do the same.

Kids - and Smiles

Stopping at a lemonade stand can bring reasons to smile - even when life is difficult!

Cutting the Ties

Saying good-bye sometimes involved cutting ties of attachment, which can be a painful process. God stands ready to help, and to instruct as we grow through the pain.

Memorial Day - What Will You Remember?

Widows have even more to remember on this day, when our country honors those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in our defense

God Answers Prayer - A Widow's Perspective on Heavenly Help

Widows often feel all alone and deserted. I share how I have seen His hand in my life through prayer and patience, and assert that God does answer our prayers!

Clear it Out

Last night we had one of those late-March snowstorms. The weather had been warming gradually over the last few days.

January - and Fresh Starts!

The month of January can mean the excitement of setting new goals, starting into a new year with new hopes and dreams - or, if you've experienced tragedy, it can be a time of apprehension and fear. There ARE things you can do to make this time of year one to look forward to once again.

Help Through the Holidays

Holidays can be the most difficult time of year for those who are grieving. Each year at this time I offer teleseminars to share ideas to plan for a much more peaceful holiday season.


The beginning of November can signal a time of challenge for those who are grieving. However, there are things we can do to find relief from the pain and experience peace all through the holidays.

Another Source of Support For Widows

Finding a place to share is so vital - here is a powerful new one!

Another Door Closes

Often, especially after loss, change can feel like a door closing. Our attitude can help us find hope and see change from a more positive perspective.

We are Not Alone

Sometimes in our bereavement we feel all alone, but God is very near.
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