Healing Resources

Below you will find some healing resources to help you on your road to healing and hope.

Find Healing through Service

Marcie couldn’t believe God would let her husband die in the car accident. She retreated from life, refusing to answer the door…

First Steps in Financial Responsibility

First Steps in Financial Responsibility - Getting your finances in order

When Tragedy Strikes

When we experience the death of a loved one, we most often react in shock. Because it can be difficult to think clearly, 

Am I Healed?

"Isn't she over that yet?" I overheard the comment about a woman whose husband died several year ago, and my heart hurt.

The Process of Grieving

"I must be losing my mind!" The thought was not new---I had thought it several times in the weeks since the funeral. But I…

Welcome to Sisters In Hope

Here you can find resources and articles to help you through the different issues you face after the loss of a loved one. Click on a title, and you will be taken to the full article and be able to find answers and suggestions.

Also please visit my facebook page, Sisters In Hope. It is a gathering place where you can find a friend who has been through loss and who can understand  the fog and trauma of grief. All of us here have experienced loss, and we all know the despair that can settle in when one tries to make this journey alone. There is a pathway to healing and hope, and it is most easily traveled in company with others. We are here to help you find it. Here you can find answers to your questions and share your sorrows and successes with sisters who truly understand.

Join our sisterhood and find hope and healing, solace in service, and faith in the future.

Again, welcome!



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