Speaking Engagements

Roslyn is a personable, captivating speaker. She has the ability to connect with your audience and will inspire and move your guests to take action in their lives!

Breakfast/Luncheon address  - 30-45 minutes - upbeat, inspiring messages that uplift and motivate  - and leave you smiling!

Keynote - 1 hour. Perfect for any size audience, the keynote will be tailored to the needs of your audience or the theme of your event.

Half-day event - 3-4 hours - Full of fun and variety, participants will be involved in many different exercises and be given skills that will have them ready to make changes and to take action that can improve their lives immediately!

Topics Roslyn Addresses:

The 7 Essentials of Healing after Tragic Loss - Everyone will have reason to grieve at one point or another. But we don't like to talk about it, so we most often are not prepared when that time comes. Drawing on the research she did for her book, Roslyn shares the 7 principles employed by those who are successfully moving on after life-changing tragedy or deep disappointment.

Grieve! - Grief can be painful, and unpredictable, and can take a long time. Who wants to go through something like that? You could choose to ignore the grieving process - but Roslyn shows how deciding to face the pain, and to grieve fully can be what most quickly brings healing and peace and the ability to feel happiness once again.

Ditch the D’s  - Roslyn shares specific tools and practices that people can use to ward off (or dispel if they’re already issues!) denial, discouragement, depression, despair, and distraction.

Grieving and the Workplace - How does an office full of people react when one of their number experiences tragedy? What can be done to show support, yet not be too intrusive? What can you expect of the person who is grieving? What is “normal”? Roslyn shares some tips for helping your co-worker through that grieving period - and to help you feel more comfortable with your efforts to help them!

The Healing Power of Music - Music is a powerful force in today’s world. Did you know it can also be incredibly powerful in healing? Roslyn shares fascinating facts about music and helps you create your own personal ‘playlist’ for whatever ails you!

Build Belief in Yourself - Life has a way of making us wonder if we really have any value as an individual. Roslyn believes, 'If you're alive, there's something for you to learn and something for you to share!" This workshop helps participants find their gifts and strengths and build their confidence that each person truly matters and can make a difference in the world!

It's all Happened Before! Life lessons drawn from classical literature that will entertain, inspire, and motivate your guests to make the most of each moment of life. 


Heartbreak to Healing Class

2 Hours can make a difference in your life! Roslyn offers concrete, simple steps to take to help you begin (or give extra impetus to) the healing process. These two-hour classes are filled with answers and powerful information. You'll understand grief better, know what you might expect as you mourn and heal, and come away with very specific tools you can use to work through the grieving process and feel in control once more! 

Class location and time TBA - email Roslyn at heartbreaktohealing@gmail.com for the next class. 





Thursday March 29


"A Day for YOU!"

 If you or someone you know is suffering from the loss of a loved one,

 through divorce or death, 

 or the loss of a dream, 

 and can't move forward,


I'd like to help.


 When, in 2006, my husband drowned,

 I wondered if I'd ever feel peace again. 

 The pain was excruciating; the confusion was debilitating,

 and the only reason I wanted to keep living was to help my children. 


 Grieving was much more painful than I'd ever imagined,

and I searched for ways to end the pain 

and to find peace once more.



 The answers I found changed my life. Now I am so grateful to 

 be alive! I have sweet relationships with my children and loved ones,

 I am continually meeting more exceptional people, 

 and life just keeps getting better.


I'd love to share those answers with you.


My next event, A Day for YOU!, is almost here.



On March 29, I'm offering a day-long class

to help you learn skills,

tools, and activities

 to help you acknowledge your loss, 

 learn the lessons from the pain, release it, 

 and move beyond it to build a new life.


 Come learn to overcome discouragement and depression, 

 build stronger relationships, 

 and find the peace you thought you'd never feel again.


To register, click below:




I hope to see you there! 


Questions? Call Roslyn (801)867-7031


"Just take One Step!"

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Are you finding it hard to

focus, to accomplish what you need to, and to find joy in life?

Come to a 2-hour class on March 22, 7-9 pm,  

and receive some valuable tools to help you take the next step toward healing and happiness. 

Sometimes in life it is the little things that make the biggest difference.
These tools may be small, and simple,

but they can be truly life-changing, if you use them!

Come learn the tools, and receive some powerful motivation to start using

them - so you can see the changes you want to in your life.

No charge - no reason not to come!

March 22, 7-9 pm, at the Woods Cross Fire Station just west of Redwood Road and 1100 South in Woods Cross. 

Questions? Call Roslyn (801)867-7031.

Sisters In Hope Retreat!

 Does life keep you going at a hectic pace? Are you frazzled, tired, and overwhelmed? Would you like to work through the grieving process and move on, but there’s just never enough quiet time to stop and think?

Would you like some time away from it all to slow down and re-connect with who you really are and what you need to find peace and happiness?

Come join us for relaxation, peace, and healing high in the mountains above the Salt Lake Valley. 

We’ll be surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. We’ll have time together for some sharing, some instruction, and you’ll have time for pondering, journaling, meditating, wandering, and soul-healing. You can even spend extra time resting if that is what you need! This retreat is for YOU, so you can finally focus on taking care of yourself and finding the peace, hope, and confidence that you want. 

Date TBA

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