"Monday I needed a lift and went to Roslyn's website and was not disappointed.  Her words lift my spirits and inspire me to move forward with a renewed sense of perspective and purpose.  They help me remember where to look for joy, comfort and truth, and remind me to look for God's hand in my life."

Tammi M.

"I felt so peaceful when I read Roslyn's book. We all have reason to be healed and I felt the healing taking place even as I read. I'm going to share this with my newly widowed friend and hope that it will also begin to heal her and help her through her grieving."

Kathy B.

"SOLO really is a wonderful book. It's going to do well! Roslyn knows what she's talking about. She has lived it and understands first-hand what others go through when a loved one dies."

Rabbi Earl Grollman - Author, lecturer



“I have done a lot of reading about grief over the last several weeks since my wife died.  It is easy to tell the authors who know the real score vs. the ones who do not.  Roslyn certainly knows the score.  She has obviously done a lot of homework!”

“SOLO was very practical and very useful.  There are a lot of ideas on how to do this or that, and new ways to approach things.  I loved the ideas about dinner and feeding the family with an easy system, I liked the housekeeping ideas, and her suggestion to keep an ‘emotional emergency kit’ that I can pull out when I need a boost.  That is awesome advice!”

“This book in my opinion is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to a man like me who up until now in his life has been the supporter of Mom, rather than THE Mom!  I need to know how to do this stuff!  This is excellent!” 

T.S. - recent widower



"Roslyn's thoughts are absolutely stirring.  She has written about the pain she felt with perfect detail.  The events were clearly chronicled, and easy to follow.  I liked how she dealt with her children's sorrow as well as her own, albeit this story is told in first person.  She has already sold me a copy of her book by reading the first chapter!

I loved it!!!"

Laura S.


" I am amazed at Roslyn's ability to describe exactly what was happening and how she was feeling.  Her feelings, of course, are what stood out to me the most because I could relate in so many ways.  I felt completely drawn in to the scene she was describing. She is so gifted in so many ways!  I am very anxious to read the rest!

 I really want to read everything she writes..."

Sue L.


"I just finished your book. Nice job. Once I got started, I couldn’t put it down."

Karen C. - book publisher, editor, publicist

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